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Learn About Common Graphic Design Jobs We Do

The appropriate design can help propel and create engagement to effectively give your music the opportunity to be heard and seen. We can design your next single, album, or mixtape cover to give your music the finishing touch it deserves.

Listen to why investing in cover art is worth it

Need More Reason Why?

So let's go back a little bit, in 2015 317 billion songs were streamed across the world said by LANDR. Just with saying that, 317 billion songs cover art was seen. Many songs are published but not all get chosen by listeners, so increase your chances by appealing to your next potential fan.

Service Features:

  • 1-4 Day Delivery (Varies by Level)
  • 1 Free Revision
  • Client Portal
  • Posting to our social media 
  • Cover art featured on ENDS Media Stream 

Check out work we have done for artist & companies 

Will Capo "Birthday" Single Cover Design
Will Capo "Birthday" Single Cover Design

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Latest Music Artist Interview on ENDS Podcast