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Have your music reviewed by Bazz on ENDS Podcast available on Google Play Music, Apple Podcast, Spotify, and more

ENDS Podcast Music Review Service
ENDS Podcast Music Review Service 

Let's have a conversation about how dope your music really is by submitting your music for review by ENDS Podcast.

ENDS Podcast their host Bazz is looking for an artist who has music they want to be reviewed and heard on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play Music, and more. This brings exposure to the music artist from a new audience who possibly never heard them before. Increasing streams and artist search helping you make more money as an artist. It is our intention at all times to never ruin an artist's reputation but to instead showcase their talent.
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Benefits of ENDS Podcast Music Review  

Major Distribution - ENDS Podcast is available on major podcasting platforms such as Apple PodcastSpotifyStitcheriHeartRadioGoogle Play Music and more. To see a full list of platforms that we're on click here
Guaranteed Target Audience - Connect with listeners who are already interested in your industry or service. For example, Bazz gave a review on Rod Waves "Dark Cloud, which you can hear below.
ENDS Radio & Youtube Placement Options - ENDS Podcast has 4 major placement options for sponsors which are Intro, Mid-Roll, Outro, Video Product or Logo Placement.
Fast Turn-Around For Creation - Since ENDS Podcast publishes new episodes daily, we're able to create Ad segment in 24-48 upon purchase of service has been made.

Listen to ENDS Podcast Review on Rod Wave "Dark Clouds"

Features & Platforms 

Podcast Review
The ENDS Podcast team will review your music and distribute it on an ENDS Podcast which is available on Spotify, Google Podcast, iHeart Radio, RadioPublic, Stitcher and more.
See The Full List of Platforms We're On Here
Client Portal - We have an ENDS client portable where you can submit request tickets, contact support, upload documents and more. Visit Portal Here
Mult-Media Publishing - ENDS Podcast is published in Audio Streaming Format, Video Format, and Online Articles.
Social Media Promotion - Every episode that is produced will be promoted on our social media channels.
Blog Placement - To guarantee maximum opportunities of being heard our marketing team will have your content placed on niche blog channels.

Bonus Included

Article Review
We will have one of our journalists critiques your music and post to music blogs. 
Radio Placement 
Your Review audio will be placed on ENDS Online Radio Segment for our global audience to hear

Submit Music For Review 

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Latest Music Artist Interview on ENDS Podcast